I’m 663, and this is my blog. This site was created in an attempt to aggregate my personal thoughts, interests, and useful information (such as technical guides). I’ve gone by many aliases online, the most widely known being 663, the alias that I use as the head administrator and owner of 16chan. Currently I’m in the final year of my Computer Science program.

If you’re interested in getting in contact with me, or would like me to answer any questions regarding content on this site you can send me an email at admin@16chan.xyz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you choose 663 as your alias?
  • I was introduced to the film director Wong Kar-wai and his 1994 film Chunking Express which really resonated with me. One of the characters from the film was called “Cop 663” and I really resonated with his character.
  • Why did you start 16chan.xyz?
  • I started to get extremely fed up with 4chan’s content, I primarily browsed g and wsg at the time, and as time went on more and more low quality content was getting posted. Also, 4chan’s source code is not readily available, and I can’t confirm that it’s actually privacy respecting. My issues with 8chan was that anyone could create a board, leading to community fragmentation. I thought that starting a small tight knit imageboard would work better, and I haven’t looked back thus far, really happy with 16chan is, and where it’s going.
  • What are your political beliefs?
  • I currently reside within the United States, and don’t feel any affiliation with the Republican or Democratic Parties nor any of the current parties that are available. I am a conservative, in that I believe that less government intervention is usually better, however, I am for the most part very apolitical, and don’t care about discussing politics. I am however a huge proponent of free speech and freedom of expression, and as such I happen to run an imageboard centered around said freedoms.