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The best way to watch Twitch (Chatterino + Streamlink + VLC)

As someone who is interested in a variety of different speedrun games, and different speedrunners I often find it hard to watch several livestreams at the same time. In the past used a tool by the name of Livestreamer in order to pipe livestreams into VLC, and have several instances of VLC open, however, that left a lot to be desired with the chat experience, and the project has since been abandoned. Luckily, since then Streamlink has become an active fork of the no longer maintained Livestreamer. Chatterino, an FOSS Twitch chat client enhances this experience further with a variety of features, the most important of which, direct piping to Streamlink.

How to add app support for LynxChan imageboards (through DashChan)

Since launching 16chan I’ve had several users and imageboard administrators reach out to me on how to add mobile app support to their LynxChan based imageboard. For those unfamiliar, DashChan is a modular imageboard browsing app. Support for imageboards is enabled by downloading the appropriate extension, thus in order to get support for your imageboard, you will have to create a APK that can be added to the DashChan app. I created a generic extension, that only requires a few basic changes in order to add support for your LynxChan based site. This guide is specifically built around Ubuntu, specifically versions that have snapd installed.

Changes Coming to 16chan

Greetings Anons, this is the first update regarding 16chan’s development path. As some of you may or may not know, LynxChan is getting an update to version 2.3.0 (we are currently on 2.2.X) and with it will come several changes, most of which are targeted at updated administrative tools, and ease of use for administrators. That being said, I am using this as an opportunity to finally hammer out many of the bugs, and changes users have requested. In no particular order, these are the changes coming to 16chan: Boards being removed Due to the traffic of 16chan, and the userbase primarily coming to /pol/, and and many of the administrators have decided to remove several inactive boards, and mesh them into a new /culture/ board.

How to setup LynxChan 2.2.x with Ubuntu 18.04

BChan.net also made a very useful comprehensive guide that you should check out: http://archive.is/DwpIV This is a comprehensive guide on setting up the LynxChan imageboard engine for the absolute layman, along with various additional necessities that come with hosting an imageboard. When I was first initially starting 16chan I found that there were very few guides that existed at the time, and I feel that this guide can save many users a tremendous amount of time. Please note: For this guide I will be using Namecheap as my domain registrar, and DigitalOcean as my VPS, the steps used in setting up your imageboard might vary slightly if you use a different domain registrar or VPS.