Greetings Anons, this is the first update regarding 16chan’s development path. As some of you may or may not know, LynxChan is getting an update to version 2.3.0 (we are currently on 2.2.X) and with it will come several changes, most of which are targeted at updated administrative tools, and ease of use for administrators. That being said, I am using this as an opportunity to finally hammer out many of the bugs, and changes users have requested. In no particular order, these are the changes coming to 16chan:

Boards being removed

Due to the traffic of 16chan, and the userbase primarily coming to /pol/, and and many of the administrators have decided to remove several inactive boards, and mesh them into a new /culture/ board. Think of /culture/ as a general hobbyist board, where topics like /a/, /tv/, /mu/, etc can be discussed. The boards that are being removed may be added back later if traffic increases, and the demand is there. These are the boards that are getting removed:

  • /a/, Anime & Manga
  • /biz/, Business & Finance
  • /fit/, Fitness
  • /hypno/, Hypnotism
  • /int/, International
  • /tv/, Television & Film
  • /redpill/ and /library/ will be merged into one board since they are so vastly similar and fragment traffic from one another.

Note: I plan on launching another niche imageboard centered around /tv/ (and maybe would also have a /v/ board). I plan on starting work on this project after we have fully transitioned to LynxChan 2.3.0.

Migrating Hosts

Currently we are hosting 16chan on DigitalOcean but we are migrating to Cockbox, a more secure and privacy respecting VPS. There will be an announcement made for when the migration will be held, we expect it to take less than 24 hours, the transition is projected to be smooth.

Updating front-end

The front-end is getting an overhaul, and many of the broken features are getting fixed, overall the site will look better, and be a bit more functional.

All of these changes I expect to have rolled out by the end of November/Early December, and I will continue to periodically post updates on 16chan’s /meta/ board, and through global announcements on 16chan.