As someone who is interested in a variety of different speedrun games, and different speedrunners I often find it hard to watch several livestreams at the same time. In the past used a tool by the name of Livestreamer in order to pipe livestreams into VLC, and have several instances of VLC open, however, that left a lot to be desired with the chat experience, and the project has since been abandoned. Luckily, since then Streamlink has become an active fork of the no longer maintained Livestreamer.

Chatterino, an FOSS Twitch chat client enhances this experience further with a variety of features, the most important of which, direct piping to Streamlink.

My Twitch viewing experience now often looks like this:

This is a guide on how to get the best experience out of Twitch, without having to use the bloated Twitch site.

Download VLC

This step is extremely straight forward, out of the box VLC should be perfectly configured for your system.

Download VLC: and download and install the appropriate version of VLC for your system.

Streamlink, the tool that will pipe Twitch streams to VLC, is a command-line tool, and typically would require use of the command line, however, we are going to use Chatterino in order to invoke stream piping.

Download Streamlink: (if you’re on Windows select the .exe) Download and install Streamlink.

Download and configure Chatterino

Chatterino, will in essence act as our front-end for accessing Twitch, it brings along many features that I will recommend enabling after we complete the installation process.

Download Chatterino: and install the appropriate version of Chatterino for your system.

We now have all of the essentially components for setting up Chatterino.

First off (although technically optional), we are going to need to add a Twitch account, which can be done by clicking on settings gear, clicking accounts, and by clicking add. Follow the steps on the login page to get a oauth token that you will then paste into Chatterino. This can be done for any number of accounts, and you can quickly switch between accounts.

In the settings, under External Tools, you should specify what your preferred quality for a stream is, typically if you have a good connection you can leave it on Source.

Finally, for the best experience, under Additional options, add the following flag --twitch-low-latency, this will enable the lowest possible experience for watching Twitch

Some other very useful settings

Next in no particular order are some settings that I find to be extremely useful (under General):


  • Theme: -> Dark


  • Alternate background color
  • Show deleted messages


  • Animate
  • Stack bits

Chat title

  • Uptime
  • Viewer count
  • Category
  • Title


  • Show moderation messages
  • Bold @usernames
  • Show link info when hovering
  • Unshorten links

Finally, you can add a stream by clicking on the + button, and typing the name of the streamer you’d like to watch, you can have dozens of tabs open, meaning that you can easily switch between various streams. In order to start the stream, and watch it through VLC, you will need to click on the three vertical dots by the name of the stream, there you will see Open in streamlink, your VLC should open.

You can also enable the minimal interface on VLC, under View > Minimal Interface or by pressing CTRL + H.