This guide will cover how to setup various input displays for USB gamepad players, this guide was specifically made for:

  • Mayflash 4 Port Adapters (Various other GameCube adapters that have a ‘PC’ mode should also work, I have not tested these, they could

require a bit of additional rebinding/reconfiguration)

  • Xbox 360/Xbox One Controllers
  • PlayStation 4 Controllers

I think having a visual input display is nearly essential for speedrunning, and as of right now, the resources and available guides that pertain to customization of such input displays seem to be severly lacking. I believe that an input display can help both runners and a runners audience improve and see their continuing progress.

Getting RetroSpy/NintendoSpy

RetroSpy/NintendoSpy is the piece of software that will ‘translate’ USB inputs, and give us a easily customizable input display.

I highly recommend using RetroSpy instead of NintendoSpy, RetroSpy allows for much easier troubleshooting and is updated more frequently, all of the skins in this guide should work for both.

Install RetroSpy

The latest RetroSpy release can be found here: Find the latest version and select ‘’.

The latest NintendoSpy release can be found here: Find the latest version and select ‘’.

Afterwards you need to extract the file that you downloaded, if you downloaded RetroSpy, you will be running RetroSpy.exe. If you downloaded NintendoSpy you will be running NintendoSpy.exe.

Before moving on you should run RetroSpy/NintenoSpy once to make sure that your controller is being detected properly.

Testing your controller in RetroSpy

Select your =Controller Source:= as =PC Generic Gamepad=, you should cycle through the various detected controllers, and use the =Default Gneric GamePad= =Viewer Skin= to make sure you input is being sucessfully detected.

Testing your controller in NintendoSpy